Executive Job Search Expert: 9 Great Tools for your Executive Job Search Research – Part 1 of 2

9 Tools for Your Target Company Research – Part 1 Tool #1   I am suggesting this week, a Library Field Trip Next, let’s go over some of the various research sources that are available at most local libraries to … Continue reading

Executive Job Search Expert: Executive Search Inspirational Video About Never Giving Up!

I want you all to watch this 6 minute video. It is definitely worth your time. (Scroll Down for Great Video) The video shows that in order to win you need to keep trying, even when you think you can … Continue reading

Executive Job Search Expert: Some of the Best Executive Job Search Networking Tips

I have recently been fortunate to see Bob Burg speak three times. Both times I have felt that the information he shared was outstanding!! If you ever have the opportunity to see him speak, GO!   Bob Burg and myself … Continue reading